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Masses and lines in Space   1981

Masses and Lines in Space 1980-1981 

One of the earlier series I created during my long stay in Holland, turned out to contain the seeds of my artistic preoccupation in years to come: the tensions and associations between contrasts. In this case, it is the tension between linear masses that inform the visual dialogues of contrasts. Divergences between near and far; dense and airy; darkness and light; concealed and exposed; static and energetic. The visual trigger for this series  were the vast fields of reeds in the Dutch marshlands, which I explored through drawings, etchings, prints, lithographs and paintings. 

Later on, I added firm, unwavering bodies to the dense mass of lines. 

In my later touring of the Dutch countryside, I came across structures that corresponded visually to the stable bodies I added to these works; but are charged with heavy, personal, cultural and historical connotations. This discovery lead to the next series I embarked on, "Bunkers", and plays a central role in various forms, in my work since then. 

Itschak de Lange 1981

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