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​Projects and Enterprises 

Kiryat Shmona Art Center

1982-1983 – Director of Kiryat Shmona Art Center.


Tel Hai College Print Workshop 

1983-1995 – Establishment and directorship of wood printing, lithography and etching workshop in Tel Hai college. Instructing students in printing techniques, drawing and painting.


'Sadna Banof' – Workshop in the Woods -  Biria Forest 

1987-1995 – Initiated and founded "Sadna Banof" ,Biria forest, in the Upper Galilee.

Founded and managed an open-air art venue, on a ridge overlooking the Hula valley, the Golan Heights and the Hermon mountain. Activity included regular art courses, lectures, musical performances, multi-disciplinary artistic events and collaborative projects. Participants included local residents as well as art students from all over Israel. Activity was eventually extended to include a gallery and café ("Ktze Ha'Nof" – view point on the edge) were changing exhibitions curated by de Lange were held. 


1995 – Moved with his family to the Western Galilee city of Nahariya, founded a studio that raised many generations of art students, as well as providing his own creative space.   


2006 - With the artist Lee Rimon, his wife they founded "Ha'Katze" – (The Edge),a center for arts, culture and community in the Galilee. Together they operate a rich program of changing exhibitions, social project and courses in various art disciplines. 


The gallery's exhibition program includes solo and group shows that deal with issues appertaining to the multi-cultural environment within which it operates, and is accompanied by relevant lectures and talks by leading experts. In 2007 "Ha'Katze" received the statues of an NGO, with members including artists, educators and leading members of the community.  

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Building 'Workshop in the Woods' 1987-1995

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Exhibitions Curation 

The Edge Center 


2015    'Lakmus' – Testimonies, Time, Space

           Gilad Ophir, Kobi Goffer, Orit Reich, Michal  Frank


2014    'Bunkers, Walls and Trenches'

           Micha Ullman,  Avraham Eilat, Itschak de Lange,

           Shoshi Choresh and Lee Rimon

           The exhibition travelled to Beer Sheba University.

           Images from this exhibition were published in an                archeological research book, of the same subject.

2012    'West meets East'  

           Tom Thijsse & Bea Farenhorst


2011     'Sources, Town, Homeland'

            Jacob Steinhardt


2009    'The Family'

            Haim Maor and Khader Oshah

2008     'Northwards' Artists from the North of Israel

             Dror Ben Ami, Eliya Beany, Jack Jano, Salman Molla,              Alon Porat, Lea Frenkel, Ruth Kestenbaum Ben-Dov


2008     'The Path'

             Salman Molla and Emil Swaed  


2007     'Black Waters -  White Waters'

             Dror Ben Ami



Guest  Curator

2006   'The Bather '

            Dror Ben Ami 

            The Artists House, Jerusalem


2005   Avraham Eilat

           The Gallery of the German Council in Haifa                                                                                        

2004    Norma Drimmer

            The Gallery of the German Council in Haifa 


2003    'Borders and Identities  '         

            Eliya Beany ,The Artists House, Jerusalem


2003    'Testamonies'         

            Salman Molla                             

            Castra Gallery, Haifa


 'Artist Wall'  in Workshop in the Woods


1995    Dror Ben Ami

1994    Uri Shechner 


1994    Shuka Glotman 

1993    Avraham Eilat 

Exhibitions and events in 'The Edge Center' 2006-2017
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Teaching positions 

1983-1995   School of painting, art institute, Tel Hai College-                    teaching drawing and painting, founding and                        managing print studio, instructing students in

                  wood printing, etching and lithography. 


1983-1995  Teaching drawing and painting to architecture                      students, Tel Hai College.


1991-now    Leading community art projects.


1995-2000  Teaching drawing and painting, Art department,                    Oranim College.


1995-2001    Teaching drawing and painting, art ,        
                    architecture and industrial design
                    departments, Western Galilee College. 


1995-now    Teaching drawing and painting and
                    preparation of portfolio, de Lange's studio. 


1998-1999    Teaching drawing and painting, faculty of                             architecture, Technion, Haifa. 


2001-2005   Teaching drawing and painting, Wizo- Haifa                          school of design.


2008-2010   Teaching drawing and painting, Haifa Museum.

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