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About Itschak de Lange 

Itschak de Lange (1951) was born in Israel and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. His family is of German and Dutch origins. 

Between 1975 and 1982 he studied art in Holland: 

1975-1977 Vrij Academie, Den Haag, Holland, specialization in drawing, painting and print. 

1977-1982 Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. Holland. Gained a post-graduate M.A degree in art.   

His works are regularly exhibited in one-man and group shows in leading art establishments in Israel, among them: The Israel Museum in Jerusalem; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Haifa museum; Yanko Dada museum in Ein Hod, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, and Baram museum. De Lange's works have been acquired by public museums and private collectors worldwide.

A central theme in de Lange's art is the search for his ancestral roots and the engagement with the fate of his immediate family members who lost their lives in the Holocaust. These concerns extend to a more general artistic exploration of family life under an ongoing threat of major disasters. 

In recent years, his artworks provide a penetrating insight into the Israeli urban landscape. In the series "The Nephilim" and "Bunkers, Walls and Trenches", he depicts the confrontational, debatable ad apocalyptic presence of architectural structures that are supposed to provide physical and mental safety. 

Throughout his career, he also paints self-portraits and portraits of family members, friends and colleagues. These drawings, watercolors, prints and oil paintings, constitute an in-depth study of the human spirit. 

De Lange teaches and lectures courses of drawing, painting and printmaking in several higher education institutions. He initiated and runs large-scale artistic projects and collaborations; and curated several exhibitions of artists whose works appertain to his own artistic oeuvre. 

תערוכות יחיד
Solo exhibitions

2017      Carousel, Shelter, Cloud, Jerusalem Cinematheque Gallery, Jerusalem 

             Curator: Tali Tamir 


2016      Carousel, Shelter, Cloud, The Edge Gallery, Nahariya

             Curator: Tali Tamir   


2013      The Nefilim – Monfort, Jerusalem Cinematheque Gallery, Jerusalem

             Curator: Prof. Haim Maor

2012      The Nefilim, Artists House, Tel Aviv

             Curator: Prof. Haim Maor


2012      The Last Decade, Zisman Gallery, Tel Aviv

             Curator: Daniella Talmor

2009     The Nefilim, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba

             Curator: Prof. Haim Maor


2008      Maarachot, New Artist's Center, Kiryat Tivo'n

              Curator: Yifat Ben Natan    

2008     'Crystal – Beton' (together with Lee Rimon)

             The Edge Gallery, Nahariya

             Curator: Tali Tami

2005      "Escapia"  Wizo College Gallery, Haifa

              Curator: Anat Gatenio

2004      New Works, Contemporary Art Gallery                 

              Law office of Michael Pappe, Haifa

              Curator: Itschak de Lange


2004      "The Visit",  Kibbutz Givaat Haim Gallery

              Curator: Hanush Morag

2003      "Talks I Had With Max and Uncle P"

             New Artist Community Gallery, Kiryat Tivon

             Curator: Yifat Ben Natan

2003      "Talks I Had With Max and Uncle P" - new works 

             On the Cliff, Municipal Gallery – Natanya

             Curator: Hovav Givati 

2002      "Talks I Had With Max and Uncle P"

             Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv 

             Curator: Tali Tamir    (catalogue)

2002      from the series "Talks I Had With Max and Uncle P"

             Pyramid Gallery, Haifa

             Curator:  Tali Tamir (curator's essay)                                                       

2002      "Archipelago" 

             The Art Center Gallery, Givat Haviva

             Curator: Dalia Bar Amotz (catalogue)

1996       National Maritime Museum - Haifa Museum, Haifa

             Curator: Daniella Talmor  (catalogue)

1996      "Heaps and Bulbs" Kabri Gallery    

             Curator: Drora Dekel   (curator's essay)

1996      The Artists House, Jerusalem 

             Curator: Tali Tamir

1996     Contemporary Art Shelter 

            Suzan Dallal Center, Tel Aviv

            Curator: Tali Tamir (curator's essay)

1996      "Heaps and Bulbs"

            Yanco Dada Museum, Ein Hod

            Curator: Surin Heller  (catalogue)

1995     "Bridges and Rafts" Noga Gallery, Herzelia,  

            Curator: Nehama Gotlieb  (catalogue)


1994     Elizabeth Soutenberg Gallery 

            Western Galilee College

            Curator: Shula Bloch

1994     Sadna Banof - Work Shop in the Woods - Art Center                        Amuka, Biriya Forest, near Safed

            Curator: Itschak de Lange

1994     Gabriel House, Kineret                                                    

            Curator: Sari Levin

1984     The New Gallery, Haifa

            Curator: Shuli Sheinfield   

1982     "Interior Exterior - Exterior Interior" 

            Aemstelle Museum, Amstelveen, Holland

1980     "Lines and Masses in Space"

            Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Holland

            Curator: Frank Loodijzen 




Israel Museum, Jerusalem.  

Haifa Museum, Haifa.

Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod.  


Private collections: 

Israel, Holland, New Zealand, Switzerland, U.S.A.


Appears in the following books:


2014       "From Watch Tower to Fortified City" Forts and

              Fortresses in Northern Israel from the Canaanites

              to the IDF, editor D'r Mordechai Aviam

              Kinneret Academic College and Ostracon


2011        Frame Work Story, 100 years of Israeli Art, Family

               Picture chapter . Television series edited by Rutie Director


2000      "Kunst in Den Haag" , I.B. Creveld. Uitgeverij "De Nieuwe

               Haagsche". P.202-204, 226


1999        "Nederlanders in Israel", Ruth de Jong, Uitgeverij

               Groen. P.86-91      

תערוכות קבוצתיות
Participation in Group exhibitions

2023     1973, Memory Marking Map, The Gallery for Israeli Art

             at the Tivon Memorial Center.

             Curators: Michal Shachnai Yacobi and Dr. Marnin-Distefeld

2022      Zumu Museum Project, Nahariya

             Curators: Milina Gitzin-Adiram, Shua Ben Ari, Shahar Ben-Nun


2017       All in the Family: Family Legacy in Israeli Art

              The Gallery of Ben-Gurion University,

              Curator: Haim Maor

2015       Print exhibition, gallery Rehorst, Den Haag, Holland

2014       "I am from Here'' The Peace Gallery, Givat Haviva 

              Curators: Etti Amram and Asnat Ben Shalom

2014       'Along the Lines of Imagination', Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

              Curator: Sara Raiman Shorr         

2014      'Concrete Bulimia', Binyamini Center, Tel Aviv

             Curator: Tali Tamir


2014      'Blue-and-White Delft', Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv

              Curator: Dr. Doron Lurie

2014      'Bunkers, Walls and Trenches', The Edge Gallery, Nahariya, Israel   

             curator Itschak de Lange 

2011        Yigal Allon center, Kibbutz Ginosar on the sea of Galilee
              Curator: Nava Shoshani 

2010       Nahariya Hosts the Big city, The Edge Gallery, Nahariya

              Curator: Lee Rimon                

2009      'Family Traces', Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

              Curator: Tami Manor Feridman 

2009      Family' Bar David Museum, Kibbutz Baraam, Israel

              Curator: Sol Lenzini 

2008     'Strata of  Memory', 'The Artist's House, Tell Aviv, Israel
              Curator: Dr. Batya Brutin and Irit Levin   

2008      Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt, Dusseldorf, Germany

              Curator: Karin Rauers

2004      "Still Landscape - New and Old" Haifa Museum, Haifa

              Curator: Daniella Talmor


2003      "Portraits - 4000 Years of Portraiture" Tel Aviv Museum of Art

              Curator: Dr. Doron J. Lurie

2000      Milestones for Peace, Kastra Gallery, Haifa                                 

              The International Artists Museum (traveling exhibition)

              Curator: Doron Polak 


2000     "The Promised Land" Artists Constructing with Ackerstein Materials                         The Israel Trade Fairs Convention Center, Tel Aviv

             Curators: Doron Polak and Ayelet Amoray  (catalogue)                               


2000      Public Art, Givatayim Theater

              Curators: Doron Polak and Ayelet Amoray(catalogue) 

2000      Greetings of Peace, Givat Haviva 

              Curator: Etti Amram   

1999     Facing Peace, The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Tel Aviv 

            Curator: Doron Polak  

1997     Artists Messengers of Peace, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel 

            Curator: Talia Rapaport   

1997      "A Middle Eastern Horse" Installation on the roof of Beit Hagefen

            Wadi Nisnas Artistic Events, Beit Hagefen, Haifa

            Curator: Hanna Kofler   

1997     Man and and Enviroment Museum, Petach Tikva, Israel

            Curator: Drorit Gur Arie   

1995     "Mediator" - Installation on the roof of Beit Hagefen

            Wadi Nisnas Artistic Events, Beit Hagefen, Haifa

            Curator: Hanna Kofler  


1995     The Third Eye Gallery, Kibbutz Hasolelim

            Curator: Orna Bruk

1991     Flowers "Amanut La’am" Art promotion -  Israel                                

           Traveling exhibition, Israel 

           Curator: Surin Heller


1991     Fall Exhibition, Teffen  Museum

           Curator:  Natan Zach

1991     From the Limits of the West, "Amanut La'am" Art promotion -  Israel

           Traveling exhibition, Israel

           Curator: Dr. Haim Finkelstein (catalogue)

1992    Bat Yam Museum 

           Curator: Hili Govrin

1992    "On the Peace Frontier - Meeting", Givat Haviva, Israel

           Curator: Sarit Shapira

1990     Israeli Art Month, Israel Festival, Jerusalem Theater                                     Jerusalem, Israel

            Curator: Noa Aviram Pritski    

1990    "Panda With no Rules", Petach Tikva Museum

           Curator: Dalia Levin 

1988     Print Exhibition, The Print Museum, Safed

1987     Print Exhibition, Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv  


1986     Kreihaus Museum, Ludwigsburg, Germany

            Curator: Arie Sagi  

1985     Print Exhibition, Ehad Haam 90 Gallery, Tel Aviv

            Curators: Bilu Blich and Arie Berkovitch

1984     Ehad Haam 90 Gallery, Tel Aviv

            Curators: Bilu Blich and Arie Berkovitch

1983    The Israeli Graphic Triennial, Haifa Museum

1982     Reitveld Academie, Amsterdam, Holland


1982     Den Helder Museum, Den Helder, Holland

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