Ma'arachot 2005 – mixed media 70x50c
Ma'arachot 2005 – mixed media 50X70c
Ma'arachot 2005 – mixed media 110x73
Ma'arachot 2005 – mixed media 110x73
Ma'arachot 2007 – mixed media 110x73
Ma'arachot 2006 – mixed media 110x73
Ma'arachot 2006 – mixed media 110x73



This series of works was created in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is another
ink in de Lange's chain of exploration of the enigma of his own family;
and by extension, an inquiry into collective concerns with identity and
social consciousness. 

De Lange was invited to Germany for a month as an artist in residence. He took with him prints he made in Jerusalem and Nahariya's streets, depicting lids of infrastructures' manholes: water, drainage and sewage. 

In Germany, he printed on the same sheets of paper, adding more lids with local images and motives that appear on these infrastructures.  In an associative manner, he combined content from his previous works, with experiences of his stay in Düsseldorf. 


Yifat Ben-Natan, February 2008 


* The word Maarachot in Hebrew has several meanings. Among them: military combat, campaigns,  infrastructure, relationships. 

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